A sensorial journey awaits you at Luxe Drive Live
Soul stirring live music with MTV Sessions
Soul stirring live music
with MTV Sessions.
Mouthwatering live gourmet
Mouth-watering gourmet food
by Chef Ranveer Brar.

Luxe Drive Experiences


Luxe Drive is as much about the raw excitement and adrenaline rush as it is about experiencing luxury first-hand. Choose from an array of our Mercedes-Benz cars and put them to the test through our carefully crafted courses. Also experience that ‘Ah My God’ feeling with our AMG models.


“Luxe Drive Live presents MTV Sessions

Now, the best of cars come with the best of experiences! Luxe Drive Live brings MTV Sessions to your city. MTV Sessions will get in a selected set of top talent to deliver exclusive electrifying performances. Don't miss this definitive musical extravaganza.


    Once you have experienced soul-stirring live music, it’s time you take your taste-buds on a culinary journey with gourmet cuisines at Luxe Drive Live.

    Relish mouth-watering treats exclusively prepared by celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. Additionally, register for the Ranveer Brar Culinary Academy to learn the art of cooking one-on-one from the master himself.

    Ranveer Brar Academy

    Master the art of gastronomy.

    Luxe Drive Live presents an exciting opportunity for aspiring chefs to turn their culinary dreams into reality. Just answer the question in this video & stand a chance to interact with Chef Ranveer Brar to master your culinary brilliance and learn various plating techniques with the Ranveer Brar Culinary Academy.

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    A world of luxury awaits. Luxe Drive Live is coming soon to your city. Come, celebrate a weekend in true Mercedes-Benz fashion.

    Past Luxedrives

    The finest cars, gourmet food and distinguished brands – take a look at special moments from the recent Luxe Drive.

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